Eagle Energy


In 2010, Elephant Energy expanded its programs onto the Navajo Nation in the United States under the name Eagle Energy.  This step was taken to ensure that the organization is helping to resolve energy access problems in our home country, as well as in our partner countries in Africa.

Eagle Energy is currently working with local activists Melton and Theresa Martinez and four Navajo Chapters in the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation, including Baca Chapter, Thoreau Chapter, Pinedale Chapter, and Mariano Lake Chapter, to develop the most effective ways to finance and distribute affordable, sustainable energy technologies in their communities.  In addition, Eagle Energy is working in the Bennett Freeze area around Tuba City, Arizona to provide solar-powered lighting and charging technologies to elders and school children who lack access to electricity.

Through the sale of solar products at swap meets and partnering with local shops across the Navajo Nation, Eagle Energy is advocating for a sustainable, market-based transition from fossil fuel energy sources to solar technologies that provide better-quality light, lower the cost of monthly energy expenses, and improve health.