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Solar Sales

Solar Sales

The areas in Namibia in which we work are largely desert. Villages are sparse and an electrical gris is infeasible. By distributing solar lights to entrepreneurs and communities, Elephant Energy is contributing to improved educational outcomes, the promotion of health and wellness, and the generation and savings of valuable income –  improving the overall standard of living for the people of Namibia.

At this time, Elephant Energy exclusive uses Greenlight Planet solar products. Learn more about each of our products on the Products page.


Despite the low cost of Elephant Energy solar technologies, many Namibians are unable to afford the up-front cost.  Using Bluetooth technology Elephant Energy is able to deliver customers a payment system, wherein they pay for their product in installments.  Customers are able to purchase a product for a small deposit and make monthly payments while utilizing their solar product.  This allows customers to put money that would otherwise be spent on candles and kerosene towards paying off their solar product.  Once they have completed payments, the light functions as a normal solar lamp.

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I used to use candles until they burned down my home. Then I learned about Elephant Energy and now I use solar light. I even help my neighbors and charge their cell phones for free. Thank you very, very much, Elephant Energy, for bringing development to my village.

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I learned about Elephant Energy at a demonstration in the market and I immediately bought a Sun King Pro. Now, the meat I grill doesn’t have wax on it from the candles, and I’ve extended my business hours until 11pm. I’ve trippled my daily profits. Now I can better feed my two children and put money in my savings account. This solar lamp has helped me a lot!

Mobile payments allow customers flexibility in timing and amount of payments
Bluetooth-based technology allows clients to use the product as they pay for it