Elephant Energy distributes safe, solar lights to schools throughout rural northern Namibia through the Light Library program.  These lights provide learners with the light they need to perform their studies while sensitizing learners and their families to the benefits of alternative energy.  In addition to the lights each school is provided lessons as part of an optional curriculum on energy, focused in particular on renewable energy.  After schools have established their Light Library programs, they are eligible to become retail locations for lights, selling this vital resource to their community members and utilizing the profit to improve their school. 


Elephant Energy has worked with partners including the Peace Corps and World Teach to identify schools in the north eastern and central regions of Namibia that are in need of lighting resources and can act as reliable stewards of the libraries for years to come.  Thus far, EE has distributed more than 800 lights allowing 6,500 learners access to light.


Elephant Energy's mission is to use the power of entrepreneurship to solve energy problems in rural Africa.

Our vision is clean air in every kitchen, light in every home, and power in every hand. 



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