Elephant Energy (EE) focuses on local solutions to the global issue of energy poverty. By establishing a distribution and sales network for small-scale solar light and charging devices, Elephant Energy enables households without grid electricity to access clean, sustainable energy on their own terms putting them in control of their escape from energy poverty.

Elephant Energy began with a light and has since expanded to include cell phone chargers, and radio. In 2017, EE expanded their product line to include home systems, allowing a lighting solution for a whole home, rather than for just an individual room. EE has tested and since incorporated "pay-go" technology into their small-scale solar products, and ensured mobile money compatibility so that customers and staff can save precious time and money.

Elephant Energy makes a further impact in the communities it serves by employing and empowering a local workforce to become the catalyst for this change. Learn more about our programs below. 


Elephant Energy's mission is to use the power of entrepreneurship to solve energy problems in rural Africa.

Our vision is clean air in every kitchen, light in every home, and power in every hand. 



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