Elephant Energy identifies, recruits, trains and supports individuals living in off grid communities to become energy entrepreneurs.  These entrepreneurs are then able to sell affordable, small-scale solar lights throughout their community.   This not only allows the entrepreneurs added income for household expenses, but allows our work to reach into communities that would not otherwise be accessible. 

Elephant Energy trained entrepreneurs live and work in the communities they serve - putting the progress they make in their own hands and creating a sense of agency and ownership of the solutions. 


Elephant Energy works with local partners to identify low-income, off-grid communities where affordable, sustainable 
energy is needed.

Within these communities, local leaders identify 
members with need, dedication and determination to 
become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are trained in our unique 
sales model that helps them address the
energy needs in their community.

Entrepreneurs in
the field have daily check-
ins and coaching with their 
Regional Managers 
to ensure long-
term success.


Evelina has been working with Elephant Energy in the Oshana region since 2013.  She uses her added income from the sale of solar products to pay her children’s school related fees and improve her business.  She has also been able to become a trusted and respected member of her community as she allows access to light and communication where before there was none.


Anna is Elephant Energy’s longest serving sales agent and has been with us since the beginning.  She has been able to make Elephant Energy sales her primary source of income, operating her own market stall at the Katima Open Market. She has not only increased the demand for Elephant Energy products throughout the Zambezi region but has been able to dramatically improve her own standard of living.


Dina learned about Elephant Energy when she purchased a solar light for her home. She saw how much money and time it saved her family, no longer having to walk long distances to charge their phones or buy batteries every week and decided to help her neighbors save too. She became a Sales Agent and now is able to pay for her kids' school fees and help support her mother and grandmother. 


Elephant Energy's mission is to use the power of entrepreneurship to solve energy problems in rural Africa.

Our vision is clean air in every kitchen, light in every home, and power in every hand. 



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