Discovering the World’s Top 18 Most Successful Portable Generator Brands

So, when you want to choose a portable generator brand that satisfies your needs, how can you know which is suitable? First, to stay on the right path, you need to familiarize yourself with how the outdoor power industry works. 

Which are the top portable generator brands on the market? Who makes these successful brands? Once you know something about them, you’ll stay ahead of the pack whenever you need to acquire one.

Of course, it’s never easy trying to figure out the right generator to buy. You might want a bigger machine for home use or a special generator to run your sensitive equipment. Alternatively, you might want a model that can meet the demands and requirements of the jobsite. 

Thus, it’s important to determine the elements of the ideal portable generator

So, how can you determine the ideal generator available on this large, saturated market? 

Here’s an excellent measuring yard:

Elements of the Ideal Generator

  • Wattage: Before you dig into your wattage to pick one of those attractive generators, think of the wattage: How much power will you need to run your items?
  • Domestic or Professional: Is it for domestic or professional use? Certain generators are designed for hobbyists and leisure users; other models are designed for commercial use or workshops. Check the specifications.
  • Equipment – Will you use the generator to run sensitive equipment? There’s a range of inverter generators designed for this.
  • Fuel: Does the generator use diesel or petrol? Think about the cost of acquiring the machine. Pick the most cost-efficient fuel generator.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Is the generator meant specifically for indoor use? Is it for outdoor use? Check this. Also, find out if the generator s designed weatherproof; find out how best it can withstand wet conditions.
  • Standby or Specialist: Do you need back up power for your home? Do you need a generator for industrial projects? Pick the ideal generator.

The World’s Top 18 Portable Generator Brands and Manufacturers

Ready? Let’s discover the top 18 portable generator brands that anyone would love to own. We include, in this post, some information on the world’s top portable generator manufacturers:

Honda Generators

Is it surprising? Top of the list is Honda. Undoubtedly, Honda Motor Corporation is a world-renowned producer of the highest quality motor vehicles and portable generators. Because of Honda’s well-tested high quality products, the brand has an enviable reputation and ranks among the most respected brands globally. 

For decades, Honda generators have retained a leading position due to the company’s focus on innovation, quality and R& D. Moreover, Honda generators have captured the world markets and successfully competed against other top.

As the popular saying goes, whenever you need power, the answer is Honda. Undoubtedly, Honda generators have earned a legendary status for multiple uses in places like the campground, the jobsite, the raceway infield and the stadium parking lot. Many agree that Honda generators have set a high bar as the quality generator production standard.

Honda’s renowned reliability means that the company’s generators are regarded as the ideal power backup products both for businesses and homes. The units are particularly well-known for remarkable fuel efficiency and smooth, quiet operation. 

And it doesn’t matter the type of generator you want; Honda will have the right model to satisfy your needs. Likely, when shopping for a Honda generator, you’ll be spoilt for choice; whether the deluxe EM series, the economy EG generators, the industrial EB series or the super quiet EU series– the choice is all yours.

Most Popular Honda Generators

  • Honda EU1000i
  • Honda EU2200i
  • Honda EU3000i Handi
  • Honda EU7000iS
  • Honda EU4000S
  • Honda EM5000S
  • Honda EG2800i

Westinghouse Generators

Originally called the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, this renowned generator manufacturing company was founded by George Westinghouse in 1886. In 1945, the company changed names to Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The company’s ownership was later taken over in 2000 by Viacom.

Today, Westinghouse Licensing Corporation manages the brand’s production; the company is a subsidiary of the ViacomCBS. Interestingly, the Westinghouse company has competently provided consumers with reliable, innovative, high quality products for more than a century. 

The company uses a superior combination of solid dependability and ground-breaking technology. Thus, Westinghouse ranks high as among the world’s most trusted brands. Westinghouse produces high quality portable generators that can be used at home and at work.

The company has consistently set new performance standards by constantly producing advanced products through rigorous testing.

Most Popular Westinghouse Generators

  • Westinghouse WGEN9500DF
  • Westinghouse IGEN4500
  • Westinghouse WGEN3600DF
  • Westinghouse WGEN9500
  • Westinghouse WPRO8500


The DuroMax Generators mother company is known as the Duromax Power equipment (or DuroPower).The Company was officially founded in 2003. The company has its headquarters in Ontario, California, USA.  Today, Duromax ranks high as a respected industry leader; Duromax is particularly well-known for producing powerful dual- fuel portable generators.

Since the US-based DuroPower Company has its headquarters in California, this means Duromax generators are produced in the USA. The company builds its homegrown engines that power the generators; the generator quality is impressive due to Duromax’ investment in functionality and ergonomics.

The company also produces high quality engines, pumps, accessories and pressure watches. Duromax’ motto and mission statement includes the meaningful words: “We’re committed to powering everyone everywhere.” 

DuroMax Generators are suitable for camping and other purposes- like various emergency services. The company produces reliable portable generator models made with high quality.

Most Popular Duromax Generators

  • DuroMax XP5500EH
  • DuroMax XP10000EHC
  • DuroMax XP2200EH
  • DuroMax XP13000EH
  • DuroMax XP1200iS
  • DuroMax XP5000EHC

Champion Power Equipment

Another top company that has earned a stellar reputation for producing some of the world’s best portable generators is Champion Power Equipment. Champion is a true market leader in the power equipment generation world. The company has gained decades of experience and provides durable and dependable generators that are both designed and engineered in the US.

 In time, Champion Power Equipment products have continued to dominate the world generator markets.  Undoubtedly, generators produced by this world-renowned company are part of the modern standard of high performance and excellence.

The company has been in busy operation since 2003. Champion Power Equipment’s original headquarters were located in the Santa Fe Springs region of California, USA. Later, the company opened factories in other strategic US states. The states include Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Champion Power Equipment also opened a factory in Toronto, Canada.

Champion Power Equipment today produces high quality home standby generators, portable generators, engines, inverter generators and winches. Throughout the decades the company has sold more than 2.5 million generators in North America alone. This underscores the company’s market leading role in the power equipment production field.

Most Popular Champion Generators

  • Champion 100403
  • Champion 42436
  • Champion 100565
  • Champion 42432
  • Champion 100478
  • Champion 73536i

WEN Generator

WEN generators are produced by the WEN Corporation. The company was founded in 1951- it has since earned accolades for creating and producing various power equipment. WEN’s portable generators are renowned for superb performance and reliability.

Some WEN generator models are- apparently- produced in China. The WEN Company’s main headquarters is, however, located in Elgin, Illinois, USA. WEN was founded by Nick Anton in 1951.

Amazingly, by the year 2001, just 50 years after the company was founded, WEN had already surpassed the 50 million generator sales mark.

WEN Generator is a world-renowned, popular generator model; indeed, it’s among the most popular generator brand names. Essentially, WEN is a US company that has steadily gained fame and respect by merging tools and electricity. In other words, WEN puts power into power tools.

WEN’s highly experienced and well-trained research and development team is credited with developing a variety of quality generators and other power equipment.

Most Popular WEN Generators:

  • WEN 56475
  • WEN 56180
  • WEN 56200i
  • WEN 56682

Briggs & Stratton

Who manufactures Briggs and Stratton portable Generators? Briggs and Stratton Generators are primarily produced within the USA. The company ranks among the world’s largest gasoline engine and outdoor power equipment manufacturers. 

Briggs and Stratton company headquarters is currently located in the Wauwatosa area of Wisconsin, USA. Briggs and Stratton was first founded in 1908. Today, the company has factories in 13 locations within the US. Among the US locations are Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and New York.

Briggs and Stratton has opened 8 other factories around the world; the facilities are located in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands and China. 

Briggs and Stratton’s success can be traced to the Second World War era; at this time the company produced generators for various groups involved in the war effort. Remarkably, the company builds more than 9 million engine units in the USA every year. 

At the same time, Briggs & Stratton owns a testing factory located in Fort Pierce, Florida. The renowned company has more than 3,000 employees working in various states within the US. Briggs & Stratton has several wholly owned subsidiaries in North America.

Generally, Briggs & Stratton designs, manufactures, markets and services products in over 100 countries located on 6 continents. The company also produces NG generators and bi-fuel LP products. Briggs & Stratton portable generators are excellent for various situations, including camping trips and powering homes.

Most Popular Briggs & Stratton Generators:

  • P4500 PowerSmart
  • P2400 PowerSmart
  • Q6500 Inverter Generator

Yamaha Generators

Yamaha is an internationally-renowned household name that brings to mind a flurry of products. The world-renowned company is known for producing several high quality portable generators. Yamaha is also known for manufacturing top-quality generators of all sizes and shapes; the generators can be used in many kinds of activities- both at home and elsewhere. 

Yamaha’s history with generators stretches back for decades. This history started back in 1973; in that year Yamaha produced the ET1200- this was the company’s first generator model. Later (25 years later in 1998) Yamaha produced a new generator model; this was the EF2800i. 

Yamaha’s EF2800i generator model came with a unique feature- this is known as Pulse Width Modulation Feature (PWM). The exciting feature allowed the generator’s users to operate the machine with the powerful frequency & voltage controlled stabilization equipment.

In 2009 Yamaha released yet another model, the EF2000iS. This was Yamaha’s newest inverter generator model; it was hailed as both portable and versatile in function.  Compared with others, the EF2000iS was quite lightweight and quiet. 

Yamaha has now dominated the world generator market for more than 35 years. Technologically-speaking, Yamaha ranks among the world’s leading portable generator manufacturing companies.

Most Popular Yamaha Generators

  • Yamaha EF7200D
  • Yamaha EF5500D
  • Yamaha EF2200iS Combo
  • Yamaha EF2400iSHC
  • Yamaha EF3000iSEB
  • Yamaha EF4500iSE

Durostar Generator

Durostar generator is manufactured by the DuroMax Company. Duromax Company was founded in 2003 in Ontario. The Durostar generator manufacturing company (DuroPower), is based in California, USA. Dexin International 1992 Inc, owns DuroPower.

The Durostar generator manufacturing process follows strict guidelines and rigorous tests in all the production phases. Durostar generators come with a 30- day replacement warranty; the warranty lasts for 1 year. The model is a great option for many industry consumers. Durostar’s quality generators are EPA-approved and enjoy excellent ratings. The models operate noiselessly (with a rating below 70 decibels). Most Durostar units are generally gas-powered; you can obtain liquid, diesel- powered, propane or gas- fueled models.

DuroStar generators come with a strong power output, ranging between 1,050 to 10,000 watts. Many Durostar generators are designed portable and suitable for rugged terrain. The company, however, doesn’t manufacture inverter and standby generators. The successful Durostar business model has received special acclaim from users. The units are highly refined in design and operation.

The Durostar XP440E model is highly recommended for dealing with challenging terrain (it has wheels and folding handles for easier portability). Another Durostar model, the DS4000S is particularly suitable for RV use. This generator model occupies little space but generates enough power for the consumer.

Most Popular Durostar Generators

  • DuroStar DS12000EH
  • DuroStar DS10000EH
  • DuroStar DS4850EH
  • DuroStar DS5500EH
  • DuroStarDS4850EH
  • DuroStar DS7000Q
  • DuroStar DS4000WGE


Generac– a reputable generator company was established in 1959. It’s a top backup power portable generator manufacturer. Generac generators are used in various sectors, including light commercial businesses, residential and industrial markets. Most of Generac’s power equipment output range from 800 watts- 9 megawatts.

When Robert Kern founded Generac Power Systems in 1959, the company sought to manufacture portable generators for Craftsman. Later on, Generac entered the market for RV generators. In 1989 Generac significantly revolutionized the home generator field when it produced the first cost-effective automatic generators. 

The new generators were designed for medium-sized businesses and home use. Today, Generac ranks high as a world- leading home standby generator manufacturer. Think of it:  In February 2013 alone Generac’s sold more than 1 million home standby generators!

Generac is well-known as a company that’s committed to the development of long term visions and the promotion of environmentally-friendly products, partnerships and processes. 

Generac is a renowned contributor to the general backup power industries. The company has a broad network of retailers, wholesalers and independent dealers.

Generac is-essentially- a subsidiary of Generac Holdings, Inc. The company is a top manufacturer of industrial portable, standby and commercial generators.

Interestingly in 2009, Generac standby generators were awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. A few years later (in 2014), the company received that year’s Natural Gas Generator Company award. The award came courtesy of the Frost & Sullivan (a recognized authority in the growth consulting industry). 

 The awards recognized Generac’s continued efforts to identify emerging industry needs and the effort to bring over new natural gas products to residential, commercial, industrial and mobile generator applications.

Generac generally uses its Automatic Transfer Switches to ease the standby generator operation and installation processes. The company’s manual transfer switches effectively connect the home electrical system to your Generac portable unit. Generac is widely recognized as the first manufacturer to design a special engine that facilitated the model’s performance requirements.

Most Popular Generac Generators

  • Generac iQ2000
  • Generac iQ3500
  • Generac GP2200i
  • Generac GP3600
  • Generac GP6500 49ST


Harbo Freight Generator Company is owned by Eric Smidt, who’s the CEO of Harbor Freight Tools. Smidt, together with his father, Allan founded the company in 1977. Today, Harbor Freight is a leading US company that has more than 12,000 stores countrywide.

Harborfreight started from small beginnings; the company was originally known as the Harbor Freight Salvage. It first opened business as a tiny mail-order business based in North Hollywood, California. In 1980 Harbor Freight opened the doors to its first store in the Lexington area, Kentucky. 

In 1999 Eric bought over his father’s shares and became the sole owner of Harbor Freight. Under his leadership, Harbor Freight became a top-level company that recruited a highly qualified team of experts and engineers. The team developed several state-of-the art testing labs to ensure they meet the customer’s expectations.

Notably, Harbor Freight offers the best gasoline and inverter generator selection, ranging between 900- 9,000 watts. Harbor Freight also manufactures the widely acclaimed Predator Generator. Predator has an impressive reputation for high value and reliability. The company has invested millions of dollars in their factories and test labs.  Predator offers its customers both value and affordability.

Predator generators (that the Harbor Freight sells) offer reliable backup solution, both at home and the job site environment. The model’s inverter generator is suitable for outdoor use and- specifically- for camping.

The Predator 8750 model is considered Harbor Freight’s strongest portable generator. The model offers lots of power (and watts). The unit features a large 420 cc 13 HP air-cooled OHV engine. The unit’s fuel tank capacity totals 6.6 gallons. It has an electric start- a highly convenient alternative to the traditional manual startup. It also features a recoil start for optional use.

Most Popular Harborfreight Generators

  • Predator 63085
  • Predator 63079
  • Predator 63584
  • Predator 63968
  • Predator 63960

Caterpillar Generator

Caterpillar Generator Company, which started from humble beginnings, is today a household due to its famous products. The Caterpillar brand name first came into existence through the pioneer founder, Benjamin Holt. 

Holt was a renowned American inventor who designed and patented the first tractor engines (known as “caterpillar track”). Thus, Holt is famously known as the “Father of the Caterpillar.” In 1910 the Holt Company first trademarked the caterpillar brand.

In the 1930s decades, the Caterpillar Company first produced its pioneer Caterpillar generators; caterpillar generators immediately became popular with many users.  And soon, the company’s reliable, futuristic designs started transcending national boundaries; in time Caterpillar products spread into countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan.

The first Caterpillar portable generators came in a wide range of sets and soon became legendary for their massive power and reliability. Soon, Caterpillar generators were widely used in various industrial businesses, construction sites, hospitals, offices and schools.

Most Popular Caterpillar Generators

  • CAT RP6500E
  • CAT RP12000 E
  • CAT RP7500E
  • CAT INV2000
  • CAT RP5500

Firman Generators

Firman is among the world- leading manufacturers of portable generators. The company prides itself on their product’s unparalleled standards and quality. Firman generators are designed and engineered in the US. In general, Firman generators provide extended run times to their users. They also have larger fuel tanks that will keep you going for quite a while.  

The generators are typically engineered with great integrity. Overall, Firman generators are made in such a way that they withstand all kinds of weather conditions. They are ideal for campers, RV travelers and tailgating; yes, the machines are designed to provide a versatile performance for all adventure lovers. The generators, powered by Kohler engines, are renowned for superior performance, durability and reliability.

Today, Firman generates more than 150 million watts of portable power globally; indeed, Kohler engines compete with some of the best performing engines in the industry.  Kohler engines, which form part of the Firman Platinum engine series, presents excellent brands to consumers all over the world. 

All Firman generators come with a 3 year warranty and technical support. The company pledges a commitment to continuous innovation; each model of the Firman generator is tested to perform 500 hours continuously- this guarantees quality and value.

Most Popular Firman Generators

  • Firman H03651
  • Firman H05751
  • Firman H07552
  • Firman H08053
  • Firman L03391

Energizer Generator

The Energizer generator manufacturing company legacy started way back in the 1890s. From then henceforth, the company’s pioneering venture has kept it going forward- the result is a rich history marked by the production of various quality portable brands.

Energizer generator is primarily designed and serviced in North America. The company is associated with world-class technologies and consumer-focused innovation. Energizer Company is a leading portable generator manufacturer with an impressive portfolio of ground-breaking productions.

Generally, Energizer portable generators include a wide variety of machines, starting from 1800-watt units (quite ideal for camping) to 10,000-watt behemoths that run entire job sites.  While Energizer is relatively new to the generator manufacturing sector, the brand is renowned for manufacturing quality products; it’s especially well-known for its powerful alkaline batteries.

Some of the company’s best-known products include the Energizer Ezv7500; this brand and a few others are manufactured by Midland Power. Midland Power is a Canadian generator-selling company that operates under the Hyundai enterprise.

Most Popular Energizer Generators

  • Energizer eZG3500
  • Energizer eZV2000P
  • Energizer eZV3200P
  • Energizer eZV7500
  • Energizer eZV4500

Pulsar Generators

Some ask: Where are Pulsar portable Generators manufactured? Well, essentially, Pulsar generators are manufactured by Pulsar Products Inc. This is a US portable generator company with its headquarters in Ontario, California. Pulsar offers quality, affordable products that’s way cheaper than what most competitors offer. Pulsar generators are durable and reliable.

The company manufactures various generator models with a wide range of power output.  Many consider the Pulsar Company’s overall market position as significantly more cost-effective compared to the Honda or Yamaha generators. They also perform more or less like these top generator manufacturers.

Pulsar portable generators are particularly marked by one important element – high quality. Pulsar has earned this accolade by striving to deliver clean electricity characterized by the lowest level of THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).  

Generally, when the THD level is lower, the power produced is more stable. Overall, since plugging in equipment with high THD generators can be damaging, this is much safer for sensitive electronics. Pulsar generators come with unique distinguishing features. One of these is their unique power output; this ranges from 1200-1500w.

The generators are splendidly designed with a blend of black colors and gray matte; these are particularly ideal for construction site jobs. The machines are solidly built and portable-most of the generators have foldable handles and ideal tires for mobility.

There are 3 major categories of Pulsar generators: Inverter, dual-fuel, single-fuel and the traditional open frame generator. 

Most of Pulsar’s single-fuel generators give users the option of attaching a dual-fuel kit whenever they wish. 

As noted, despite the low price range, most Pulsar generators offer users the dual-fuel option. The generators usually have a low noise output; this means they are relatively quiet when compared with most competing brands. Note, however, that bigger Pulsar generator models are likely to produce higher noise levels.

Further, most Pulsar generators have a straightforward control panel. They also have a straightforward interface that’s usually designed for ease of use. Since the company collaborates with many stores across the US, it’s generally easy to repair Pulsar generators, maintain and find replacement parts (or accessories).

Most Popular Pulsar Generators

  • Pulsar PG2300iS
  • Pulsar PG15KVTW
  • Pulsar PG2200
  • Pulsar PG5250
  • Pulsar PG10000B16


Atima portable generators are relatively affordable compared to many other brands. The machines are 15-25% cheaper than a Yamaha EU2000i of the same size. Thus, Atima is a powerful highly trusted brand that produces clean power; the generator is generally portable and ideal for traveling

Notably, Yamaha powers Atima generators but- compared to most Yamaha models- the latter is way more affordable.

Most generators of the Atima brand usually come with their own housing and other peculiar external features. With these generators, you always have a powerful backup for lighting, refrigeration and general household use.

Atima’s Gensafe AY2000i model is renowned as a quality generator that is the company’s best-selling point. The generator is easy to start and offers impressive fuel value. It has low noise levels. The unit comes with several safety devices- this includes overload protection and low oil shutdown. The unit’s smart throttle feature ensures it always runs at the most efficient level.

Most Popular Atima Generators

  • ATIMA SD2000i CAMO
  • ATIMA AY3000i
  • ATIMA SD1000i

Ryobi Generator

Ryobi is certainly a prominent name in the generator manufacture industry. Ryobi portable generators generally compare with some of the best. The brand is a well-known generator name. 

Ryobi produces quality inverter generators- these include Ryobi 1000i and the Ryobi 2000-watt petrol inverter generator. Both of these are manufactured in China. Ryobi generators, though quality products, are generally considered a high budget option.

Ryobi Seisakusho-Kaisha Limited is a Japanese generator manufacturer that has produced several quality products. The company was founded in in 1943. In 1961 Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd- which was then known for its offset printing business- was first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd later started producing power tools in 1968. In 1973, the company changed names to Ryobi Kaisha Ltd. Currently, Ryobi operates 12 manufacturing factories in 6 countries. In the year 1985, Ryobi started production in the Shelbyville region of Indiana, USA. 

This is Ryobi’s only manufacturing location within the US.

Most Popular Ryobi Generators

  • RYOBI RYi2000GRA
  • RYOBI RY908000E
  • RYOBI RYi4022X
  • RYOBI RYi2200GR
  • RYOBI RY905500

A-iPower Generator

The A-iPower generator company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, Ontario, California. Most A-iPower generator engines are made in China (note that most generators of this size and range, regardless of the manufacturer, are usually made in China).

A-iPower is a relatively new entrant into the portable generator market. But in just a short while the company has proved to be formidable with acclaimed products that perform well on the market.  A-iPower has already built a trusted name as a reputable manufacturer of high quality portable generators. 

One of the latest generator brands from this company is the SUA A-iPower portable generator (formerly SU A-iPower). The latest SUA A-iPower generators come with a few slight modifications that uniquely identify them.  Many A-iPower generators are designed with a steel tube cradle frame. The SUA A-iPower model has an outlet protector covering; the SU A-iPower model doesn’t have this.

A-iPOWER generator boasts some 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing field. The A-iPower runs a Sales and Engineering office located in Charlotte, North Carolina. A-iPower portable generators are designed for excellent performance and impressive durability.

Further, the A-iPower generator company has years of experience with matters of design and technology.  Some say A-iPower produces some of the industry’s best engineered products. Undoubtedly, the company produces some of the most reliable portable generators ever sold on the world market.

Most Popular A-iPower Generators:

  • SUA1500
  • AP5000
  • SUA7000
  • SUA9000E
  • SUA12000E

Hyundai Generators

Hyundai Power Products is a renowned business name of Genpower Ltd. Hyundai produces quality petrol generators (ranging between 1Kw- 10 kW). Hyundai diesel generators generally range between 5kw- 100 kW. Hyundai ventured into the portable generator production business back in 2006. The company is proud to produce quality products that meet client needs.

Hyundai strives to set high standards and satisfy customer needs. Generally, Hyundai produces and supplies many types of generators that run power plants, industries and fulfil various customer needs. Hyundai boasts more than 35 years of business experience. The company combines the elements of unique design with advanced manufacturing technology.

Most Popular Hyundai Generators:

Hyundai P1 P1000i
Hyundai HY2800L
Hyundai HY3400
Hyundai HY3100L
Hyundai P1PE P2500i


Undoubtedly, a high quality portable generator often comprises a carefully-designed machine unit. Since there’s a huge range of models available out there, it’s essential to take time to choose the best  machine that serves your needs. 

As noted, there are many reputable generator manufacturers with merchandise on the market. Some have decades of experience, having sold millions of units over the years. Others are relatively new in the generator manufacture industry; regardless, some have attained high standards and earned a name within a short time. 

Take time to study the various manufacturers and models and settle on the best of the best portable generator on the market.

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