The Best 10000 Watt Generator (2022 Comparison)

Last Updated on August 19, 2022

As you may have observed in different literature and online contents, the 10000 watt generators have different functions and features. Specifically, they vary with power output and sizes and are best used for both tedious and simple activities such as construction activities as well as powering homes and business.

The size of a generator largely depends on the quantity of items that requires power.  Being a lover of appliances, I have however had experiences with 10000 watt generators and I can assure you of the right generator to get for your home or office. Importantly, this will enlighten you on which is worth spending your money on.

The Research

A buying guide for dual fuel generators will save you from the hassle of buying the most efficient and reliable electricity generator for your home and/or business. Since you already know some of the key features to consider when buying your dual fuel generator, now it’s time to review some of the best dual fuel generators in the market, that will provide efficient and reliable electrical power to your home and business premises.

Getting electrical power for your home isn’t much of a challenging today, since there are a range of portable generators that you could use for your home and/or business. With today’s more advanced technology, there are versatile and portable generators that prove to be more efficient for your home, especially for homes located in remote areas that might not have electric connectivity.

These generators perform excellently and efficiently, making them very reliable for lighting, as well as heating homes. This means that you could light up and heat up your home using these generators that produce enough watt for all your home’s electrical needs. Basically, there are three types of portable electric generators: the single fuel generators; dual fuel or bi-fuel generators; and the tri-fuel generators.

When buying whole house generator, you need a buying guide that will help you buy the right generator that will power all your electrical appliances and home systems such as lighting and HVAC system. But first, there is the need to know all the three different types of portable generators.

Quick Summary of DualFuel and 10kW Generators according to Our Opinion

DuroMax XP12000EH

🔵 DuroMax is the industry leader in Dual Fuel portable generator technology

With 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts, this workhorse will keep you powered through any storm and can handle heavy loads, from your lights and home appliances to your A/C unit.

Dual Fuel Technology doubles the fuel life when running on propane, making this generator an effective, low-maintenance solution for your home standby needs.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

📢 The Best Ratio of  Noise and Power

  • Up To 12 Hour Run Time with Remote and Electric Start
  • Dual Fuel, Transfer and ST Switch Ready, Ideal for Home Backup
  • 12500/11200 Peak Watts and 9500/8500 Rated Watts (Gas/Propane)

Champion 200961

💛 Cool Dual Fuel Inverter for Small Needs

Champion 200961 2500-watt inverter is one of the lightest in the industry and features Dual Fuel allowing the 79cc engine to run on gasoline or propane. Enjoy the quiet 53 dBA for up to 11.5 hours on gasoline or up to 34 hours with a 20-lb propane tank and increase your power with the optional Parallel Kit.

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What’s the Difference Between Single Fuel and Dual Fuel Generators?

First, there are four main fuels used to operate or run portable electric generators. These fuels include: gasoline; diesel; liquid propane (LP); and natural gas (NG). Now, a single fuel generator use only one of the fuels mentioned above. Most single fuel generators run on either gasoline or diesel. For example, single fuel generator that use diesel will use only that fuel type, and not any other type. The same way, a gasoline single fuel generator will only use gasoline, and not any other fuel type. In other words, you only have one choice of fuel when you buy a single fuel generator.

On the other hand, a dual fuel generator runs on two fuels types. With dual fuel generators, you can use an alternative fuel when the one that you normally use becomes scarce. For example, a dual fuel generator that runs on liquid propane gives you the chance to choose gasoline when liquid propane becomes scarce or more expensive. A tri-fuel generators use any one of three fuel types. For example, you could run them on liquid propane, gasoline or natural gas. Portable generators have indications of the fuel type(s) that you could use. This is a very vital and critical information that you will know.

Why is a Dual Fuel Portable Generator Better?

Multi fueled electric generators such as dual fuel generators have advantages over their single fuel counterparts. So, what are some of the benefits of using these types of electric generators?

First, dual fuel generators are versatile and efficient. Since they use two fuels to generate electricity, you have the chance to use a cheap alternative fuel source in case the fuel type that you normally use either becomes more expensive or scarce for any reason. Also, dual fuel generators are efficient at providing stable electric power that can power all your home’s electrical appliances and home systems for longer time. Most dual fuel generators operate on either liquid propane or natural gas. In case the propane or the gas is unavailable for some reason, you will still use the other fuel type, as an alternative fuel source.

Secondly, dual fuel generators offers you longevity in terms of electric power supply. Since dual fuel generators have two fuel storage units or tanks, you could operate your generator on one fuel, and automatically switch to the other type of fuel when the first fuel runs out. Your generator will switch to the other available fuel, thus serving you longer than a single fuel generator would.

Dual fuel generators also lets you switch between fuels during operations, thus providing you with convenience. For example, you could start your dual fuel generators on gasoline, and then switch to liquid propane later. This is an advantage that will help you utilize a fuel type that operates best under some weather conditions but don’t in others.

The versatility of these kinds of generators will set you ahead of your business competitors who might have single fuel electric generators. When one fuel type becomes scarce because of some adverse weather conditions, you still have an alternative solution to your homes or even business’ electrical power needs. Therefore, if you want reliability, versatility and efficiency as far as fuel generated electricity is concerned, then dual fuel generators are one of your best electrical power solutions.

What are some of the disadvantages of these types of electric generators?

Even though dual fuel electric generators have profound benefits as far as electrical power supply in areas cut off from the national grid are concerned, they have a few drawbacks. First, these types of generators are more expensive than their single fuel generators counterparts. And for this, reason you will have to plan and budget for you to buy the best dual fuel generator. For example, a dual fuel generator of the same size as the single fuel generator will cost more.

Also, finding the best dual fuel generator could prove to be a nerve-wrecking search since there are so many types of dual fuel electric generators that are specialized and designed differently depending on various needs. And for this reason, you will need a very detailed buying guide to help you in your search for the best and most efficient dual fuel electric generator.

Therefore, for you to buy one of these efficient and excellent portable generators, you will need to plan well and budget so that you a reliable and efficient alternative electrical power source.

Which type of fuel is more efficient?

There are four main fuel types that could be used to power electric generators. These fuel types include: gasoline; liquid propane; diesel; and natural gas. These fuels have their pros and cons.

Gasoline is the number one choice of most generator users. It’s readily available and also very affordable. However, this fuel has some drawbacks that make it unsuitable for use under certain weather conditions and/or beyond specific times. For example, gasoline is highly inflammable and isn’t ideal for use under very low temperatures. Also, it has a short shelf lie. This means that you can’t store it beyond a period of, say, 1 year for later use. If you don’t use fresh gasoline, the carburetor of your dual fuel generator might clog and emit very hazardous effluents. You should, therefore, keep the gasoline fresh and keep your carburetor under checks and maintenance.

When you want higher watts of electrical power, then dual fuel generators that use diesel as one of their fuels is your solution. Diesel is a fuel that has high fuel efficiency. If your business needs 150kW of electricity or more, then you will buy a generator that operates on diesel as its fuel source. Also, diesel are less inflammable as compared to gasoline fuels. And for this reason, you could use them in areas with cold temperatures. Diesels have shelf life of 1-2 years. Also, you could use them together with fuel additives, under frigid temperatures.

Liquid propane has indefinite shelf life. This means that you could leave the propane fuel inside your dual fuel generator for years and use it without any problem. Your generator will start without problems. Also, propane doesn’t clog the carburetor of your dual fuel generator. Generators which use propane are also ecofriendly since they are silent.</p>
<p>Enough with the praises. Propane fuels are more expensive than gasoline. Also, the installation and maintenance of generators that use propane is very complex and expensive. Also, these generators have shorter lifespan, and higher fuel consumption as compared to both gasoline and diesel dual fuel generators.

You probably are already using natural gas for cooking and heating your home. This gas could also be used to power up generators. This fuel type is beneficial since it’s easily obtainable and could operate even under frigid temperatures without any problems. Generators that use natural gas have higher engine life. This means that these kinds of generators will serve you for a long time.</p>
<p>However, natural gas-powered dual generators have higher fuel consumption. Also, the supply of natural gas might be limited during adverse weather conditions or disasters such as earthquakes due to wreckage of gas pipes. Depending on where you come from, you could choose the ideal fuel for your electric generator.

Why Should I Choose The 10000 Watt Generator?

The 10000 watt generators provide you sufficient power to run your large appliances once there’s a power outage. They have the capability of running wide variety of equipment and devices at a construction site, they equally have the capacity to power you’re your home and office efficiently as well help you run a mobile business such as food truck. In particular, what makes these generators the most desired is their ability to power numerous appliances while you can still easily transport them from one place to another. Additionally, in determining which generator is best for your home, you have to first consider the amount of load you want the generator to carry as well as how economical the generator is in terms of fuel consumption. Whether little or large load of work, the 10000 watts generators are best to supply you with enough power as well as provides you with different fueling options, thus making them fuel friendly and economical for use

Key Characteristics to look out for in 10kw Generators

Once electricity powers goes out, the 10KW generators provides constant power supply for your electrical appliances and equipment, it serves as a back-up power source during a power outage, assists in powering up your construction equipment’s and devices as well any other essential appliances that requires standard electricity supply. Essential characteristics of the 10kw generators include:

  • The ability to run on different kind of fuel such as natural gas, gas, propone or gasoline.
  • Provides exactly 10,000watts peak and 8,000watts rated.
  • Runs for 10-12hours at 1/2load uninterrupted.
  • Has effective panel customized with oil caution, key starts switch circuit breaker and volt meters.
  • Have units that are cost effective when compare to home standby generators.
  • Portable for use anywhere at any time.
  • Has quiet exhaust with built in-spark arrestor.
  • Works longer and efficiently without malfunction.
  • They are expensive for purchase, but fuel cost effective.
  • They produce fewer emissions.

Nevertheless, when people intend to purchase a generator they are prone to making a desperate decision without appropriate plan on which type to purchase when they get to the market. As a result, they skip critical analysis on the purchased generator, safety measures and features.  It has however been reported that a lot of people die yearly from carbon-monoxide poison emitted by generators. Unwarranted risk and dangers, you can purchase the 10kw generators.

Using a 10000W Generator for Your Household Appliances

The benefit of using a portable generator is that its 10000 watt power supply can handle every of your household appliances effectively without malfunction. When connecting this type of generator to your home, you will have to get a transfer switch, this make your home and appliances safe. With the transfer switch, you can successfully switch in between your generator and general power supply, thus preventing any harm that might be tending to affect your generator or appliances.  Ideally, you would need the service of an electricity exert who is very much familiar with the installation and connection of the 10000 Watt generator.

Many preferred transfer switch for this type of generator has a big 50A plug which allows easy connection of this generator to your appliances. While the generator is quick, safe and easy to move from one location to another, it is also very convenient to disconnect. There are however some limitations to connecting a 10000W portable generator to your home, most especially during a power outage. Hinged on the size and quantity of your home appliances, a 10000W generator will normally imply that you have to let go some circuits within your home in order to allow the maximum watts that the generator produces. Meaning, you would have to select some specific circuits that should be run by the generator.

Furthermore, while you might not want to overload your generator in order not to develop a circuit breaker trip off; it’s best you calculate the required consumption of power (although difficult), just to meet the capability of your generator. Specifically, there are numerous household appliances that switch on automatically as a result of their thermostat features; hence you can’t completely have total control on the amount of electricity you consume. To estimate the required consumption that might need the capability of a generator, you can begin by looking around your home and listing the essential equipment that will be used regularly. Advisably, you can use cooking gas for preparing your meals when running a generator rather than to use electric stoves which consume massive quantity power. Using water heater on your generator is practically a bad idea, as it might damage your generator.

On the other hand, air conditioners and refrigerators are not entirely bad appliances to be used when you generator is running. Some household appliances that could be used with your 10000 watt portable generator include: Plasma TV, Desktop Computer/Laptops, Sound system, Microwave Oven, Air conditioner, Deep and Mid-sized refrigerators as well as Sump pumps among others. It is however impossible to run all these appliances and more at the same time, hence a 10000 generator is capable of handling the essential appliances at a time.

Importantly, overloading the 10000 Watt generators can put you at risk of destroying the generator completely or causing a fire outbreak, hence it is usually suggested that you never guess the generator watts but to take time in researching their features and wattages before purchase. It is a known fact we love protecting our foods once there is a power outage, and with a generator, you can be sure that your food are very safe in your refrigerator.

As stated in the generator guidelines and safety measures, it is also important you don’t over use these generators. You can use them for about 10-12hours stretch within 24 hours before putting it off to rest. Also, it is recommended that the 10000 watt generators should be put on 15 metres away from your home or structures. Furthermore, with the increasing extreme weather conditions, many people are suffering from power outages all over the world. With cases of hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes as well as other natural disasters which have tendency of causing power outage for years; the 10000 watt generators have proven to be just like normal power supply due to their energy output and quiet exhaust.

Thus, this generator can help in powering your required appliances as well as keep your family safe, even till and after the power is restored.  For person who works off a property i.e. on construction sites, you can charge or power larger tools and equipment with the 10000 watt generator. However, always carefully read through your manuals before operating a generator and most importantly, make yourself also very familiar with the measures to maintaining the generators in order to keeping it working for years.

Conclusively, when it comes to estimating the amount of gas a 10000 generator will need, you just have to check the capacity of the fuel tank and also you must have an idea on how long the generator can run based on the generator characteristics. As stated above, a 10000 watt dual fuel generators can use more than one type of fuel and can work for longer hours.

Therefore, whenever you decide on buying a 10000 watt generator, one important thing you should consider is the amount of power your home requires nevertheless, if you have more devices/equipment that is over 10000W, you can then purchase a 12000-15000W  generator. Interestingly, these generators are most times hooked up to your homes actual power supply distribution board with a transfer switch which can automatically switch on once the utility power shuts down.

In an emergency situation it is important to know that a best portable generator can assist you with critical backup power supply. These particular types of generators have made tailgating and camping more fun and comfortable due to their portability. Equally, a lot of contractors have appreciated the effectiveness and flexibility of moving the generator from one job site to another. While they include covered outlets in in order to protect the units when not in use, the 10000 Watt generators comes in different sizes with about two years warranty period.

Top 3 10000 Watt Generators – Our Choice

Pulsar PG10000B16 10000W Dual Fuel Generator

If you’re looking for a generator which is versatile with fuel options, Pulsar PG10000B16 is one of the best 10000 watt generators. The uniqueness of Pulsar PG10000B16 is that it can switch to the fuel mode while being used without being restarted so that your work is not interrupted in any way. This technology is called as ‘the Switch and Go’ by Pulsar.  The Pulsar PG10000B16 can be powered by both liquid propane as well as by gasoline which can be interchanged during use. Pulsar PG10000B16 can power many appliances as well as tools at the same time with its power making technique. This technique makes it even more ideal choice for you. The outputs of the Pulsar PG10000B16 vary according to the fuel use but not to an extent. It can deliver 10000 peak watts by running on gasoline whereas the peak power on liquid propane is 9000 watts. The Pulsar PG10000B16 can run for a maximum of 12 hours on gasoline at 50% load giving it a good run time considering its power as well as versatility.

The overall build quality of Pulsar PG10000B16 is quite good considering the handles on it which are collapsible, and the plastic wheels are convenient too. The Pulsar PG10000B16 is high on practicality as well given the number of output sources. The output options available are four 120V outlets, one 120/240V twist, and lock outlet as well as one 120/240V 50A outlet. These outlet ports mean that you can run multiple appliances at the same time.


  • 420cc 15 HP OHV Engine
  • 209 lbs weight
  • Electric start with recoil backup
  • Peak watt power with gasoline: 10000
  • Peak watt power with liquid propane: 9000
  • Sound levels – 74 decibels from 23 feet away


  • Versatile
  • Electric start
  • Duel fuel
  • Good reviews by customers


  • A bit on the higher side of prices as compared to the segment

DuroMax XP10000E 10000 Watt Generator

DuroMax has a reputation for supplying generators which are robust, well priced as well as work hard. In the wide range of generators offered by DuroMax, the DuroMax XP10000E is perfectly placed in the 10kW generators category. The DuroMax XP10000E has a 16 HP engine with a cubic capacity of 420cc and is safe to use, isn’t very noisy as well as is extremely dependable. It comes with an 8.3-gallon fuel tank to ensure that refueling frequently is not required. It can run up to 10 hours at half load easily which is its strong point. The DuroMax XP10000E also offers electric and recoil start which puts it at par with all the other generators in the category. The DuroMax XP10000E also provides a unique 120V 30A outlet which means that you can use 120V operating large tools without any hassle. It also has an idle switch which makes it extremely efficient. It has two standard 120V household outlets, a large 120V/240V 50A outlet for connecting power directly to your house wiring, a 120V 30A outlet, and a 120V/240V RV outlet. These outlets have individual circuit breakers as well as the main circuit breaker. The sturdy build of the DuroMax XP10000E ensures that the fuel tank is well protected as well as the large wheels present on it make it easier to carry than ever. It also has collapsible handles and thus takes up lesser space.


  • Duromax 16 HP 4 stroke air cooled engine
  • Max AC output: 10,000-Watt
  • Cast iron sleeve and steel bearings maximize engine life
  • Rated AC output: 8,000-Watt
  • 12-Volt battery for electric starter
  • Displacement: 420cc, bore: 90, stroke: 66
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8.3 Gal.
  • Quiet exhaust with built-in spark arrestor
  • Flip-up stow away handles


  • Low oil shutoff protects the engine
  • Quiet muffler reduces engine noise
  • Good build quality

Champion 100161 7500-Watt Wireless Start Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 100161 may not be the strongest contender in the 10kW Generators category but has its own definite shortcomings. It delivers 7500 peak watts and continuous running power of 9375 peak watts. This is a small difference as compared to the other competitors which shouldn’t affect the use too much on a daily basis. The strongest suit of the Champion Power Equipment 100161 is the remote control feature. This is a feature which is not available on all generators. It can be operated remotely using the remote control from a considerable distance of 80 feet. Another good thing about it is the plastic cover on the outlets which protect them from the dust and moisture present in the air. It comes with a six-gallon fuel tank which helps it run continuously for 8 hours at half load. This makes it highly efficient if not the longest running of the set. It has an electric and recoil start along with a cold start technology which helps it start in any conditions effortless. The Champion Power Equipment 100161 also offers a 5kW per gallon efficiency making it highly affordable to run. The control panel has 2 X duplex 120V 20A household power outlets (a total of 4 outlets), 120V/240V 30A RV outlet, 120V/240 30A locking outlet, and a 120V/240V 50A RV/house power outlet giving it a variety.


  • 439cc Champion Engine
  • 9375 starting peak watts
  • 7500 running peak watts
  • 8 hours of continuous run time
  • Cold start technology
  • 3-way ignition switch
  • 74 decibels noise from 23 feet away


  • Remote control
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range of outlets
  • Dependable engin


  • Lower power compared to the others

HONDA EB10000 Portable Industrial Generator

HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator is one generator that you can easily take to the site of job and which can handle a lot of rough use as well as abuse. This generator can outperform any of the other generators in the segment of 10kW easily with its power and practicality. The HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator comes with 8.1-gallon fuel tanks which run on gasoline all day. Considering its work power, the HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator is highly efficient as it offers 7 hours and fifteen minutes of run time at half load and four and a half hours at maximum capacity as rated by the company. The HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator also has the strength of the brand behind it meaning that assistance is available round the clock for any issues that possibly arise. Though the HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator is highly versatile, it is best used at job sites rather than at other places due to its lower noise reduction capabilities. It comes with a control panel which has various outlets including 4 20A 125V outlets, 1 30A 125/250V locking plug, 1 30A 125V locking plug, and 1 50A 125/250V locking plug. These outlets further increase the versatility of the HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator. This generator is powered by a 630cc engine made by Honda giving it 10000 peak watts starting power as well as 9000 peak watts running power.


  • 630cc Honda GX630 Engine
  • Weight: 464 lbs
  • Running Watts: 9,000
  • Starting Watts: 10,000
  • 7 1/4 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 8.1 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 4-120V outlets (Household Style Outlets)
  • 1 – 50A 125/250V Locking Plug
  • 1 – 30A 125V Locking Plug
  • 1 – 30A 125/250V Locking Plug


  • OSHA worksite compliant
  • 4 120V receptacles
  • Electric start
  • Folding handles and wheels


  • Heavy as compared to other options

Caterpillar RP12000E 12000 Watt Generator

For customers who require the most powerful and a highly rugged generator, they need not look any further than the Caterpillar RP12000E 12000 Running Watts/15000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Generator 502-3699. The versatility of this generator is that it can be both used for job site purposes as well as for residential requirement. This generator is one that goes beyond the 10kW range with its running power of 12000 peak watts and an astonishing 15000 starting peak watts of power. The humongous power which this generator possesses is adequate to keep even the largest of tools and appliances running for a while. The Caterpillar RP12000E 12000 Running Watts/15000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Generator 502-3699 comes with a 3-year warranty for both the generator as well as for the parts giving you the peace of mind that should come with the generator. This generator provides 4 GFCI 120V 20A duplex outlets, 1 120V/240V 30A twist lock outlet, 2 120V 30A twist lock outlets, and 1 120V/240V 50A twist lock outlet to supply power for any appliance or tool that you might have. These outlets also have a plastic covering to keep the generator safe. This powerhouse is the one to buy if you are looking for versatility and a dependable workhorse. CAT is a brand that is trusted by all and thus offers great value for your money.


  • 670cc V-Twin OHV Engine
  • Electric Style Start
  • Running Watts: 12,000
  • 13.2 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • Starting Watts: 15,000
  • Weight: 347.6 lbs
  • 11 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 4-120V outlets (Household Style Outlets)
  • 1-120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet
  • 2-120V 30A twist-lock outlet
  • 2-120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet


  • Protected outlet
  • 4 120V outlets
  • Electric start
  • EPA compliant


  • Low run time
  • Low efficiency

All-Power America APGG10000 10kW Generator

Looking for a generator for emergency use and home use? The All Power America APGG10000 is what you should consider. The All Power America APGG10000 is the perfect match for back up power to power all the possible appliances at home in the most fuel-efficient way. It is EPA certified and made to keep your family safe at home during natural disasters. The All Power America APGG10000 is powered by a strong 430cc Ducar engine which is highly durable. The All Power America APGG10000 puts out a good 10000 peak watts and 8000 watts rated power to influence your home. It comes with an 8-gallon fuel tank which provides a 12 hour of run time at half load which is impressive regarding fuel economy. The generator also produces 74 decibels making it really quiet generator and thus apt for residential use. This generator is made up with residential use in mind, and this can be seen on the control panel. It has1 120V AC twist lock plug, 4 120V AC plugs, and 1 120v/240V plug which is all that is required to power your home and the required appliances during a natural disaster or a blackout. The 4 120V AC plugs are specifically residential type plugs to ensure that they are compatible with the appliances. All Power America APGG10000 also offers a one-year warranty for all the products irrespective of demand and use.


  • 420cc Ducar Engine
  • 8.0 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • Running Watts: 8,000
  • Weight: 232 lbs
  • Starting Watts:10,000
  • 11 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • Sound Level: 76 Decibels From 23 Feet Away
  • 4-120V outlets (Household Style Outlets)
  • 1- 120V/240V twist-lock outlet
  • 1- 240V twist-lock outlet


  • EPA compliant
  • Foldable wheels and handles
  • Electric start
  • 4 120V Receptacles


  • Less than stellar customer reviews

DuroMax XP12000E 12000 Watt Portable Gas Generator

If you are a person who needs that little extra power above 10000 watts, then look no further. The DuroMax XP12000E is the perfect solution for you. The generator is versatile and can be used at both home as well as on a job site to get things moving. The DuroMax XP12000E is simple to use and handle and has more than enough power to run large appliances as well as tools. It puts out 12000 peak watts of impressive power along with 9500 running watts. The DuroMax XP12000E is a workhorse with its excellent run time of 10 hours at peak power without interruptions. With its rubber wheels and collapsible handles, it is ever ready to go anywhere with you. The control panel on the DuroMax XP12000E comes with a wide assortment of outlet options for you to pick from for the specific appliance that you will be using. This generator features 2 120V 20 Amp Standard Receptacles, 1 120v/240v 30 Amp Twist Lock, 1 120V 30 Amp Twist Lock Receptacle, 1 120v/240v 50 Amp Heavy Duty Outlet, and 1 10A 12V utility connection which can be used to charge a battery of a suitable size. It is fitted with a 457cc DuroMax engine which churns out the power required. The DuroMax XP12000E weighs about 260 lbs making it not too heavy to carry around.


  • 457cc Duromax OHV Engine
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Running Watts: 9,500
  • Starting Watts: 12,000
  • 10 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 8.3 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 2 – 120V 20 Amp Standard Receptacles
  • 1 – 10A 12V Utility Connection
  • 1 – 120v/240v 50 Amp Heavy Duty Outlet
  • 1 – 120V 30 Amp Twist Lock Receptacle
  • 1 – 120v/240v 30 Amp Twist Lock
  • Sound Level: 72 dB.


  • Great value for money
  • Low oil shut down
  • Powerful


  • Lower run time than most others in this segment

A-iPower SUA12000E Generator

Though A-iPower is a lesser known brand, the products offered by it are on par with the best. The best example of this is the A-iPower SUA12000E. This generator is well poised against its competitors from the segment. The A-iPower SUA12000E offers an electric start as well as is approved by CARB making it one of the only few in this list of generators. This generator puts out 12000 starting watts and 9000 running watts. It is also fitted with a high-performance alternator to ensure that you can use high power motor driven tools and appliances simultaneously. The A-iPower SUA12000E has a 459cc engine which puts out a respectable 16HP of power which is more than enough to power all the appliances which you would want to use. The outlets also have a cover for all of them to ensure that they stay covered and protected from any possible damage. The A-iPower SUA12000E also has a two-year warranty which covers all sorts of manufacturing defects. Though it is not the best in this segment, it still offers some peace of mind to the buyers with its other properties. It has a 7.2-gallon fuel tank which is enough for a workload of about 50% to run for about 8 and a half hours.


  • 459cc OHV Engine
  • Electric Style Start
  • Weight: 226 lbs
  • Running Watts: 9,000
  • Starting Watts: 12,000
  • 8.5 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 7 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 4 – 120VAC 20 Amp, GFCI protected
  • 1 – 120/240VAC 30 Amp L14-30R, locking mobility
  • 1 – 12VDC 8.3 Amp adaptor plug
  • 1 – 120/240VAC 50 Amp, 14-50R


  • Low oil shut down
  • Easy to transport
  • 2-gallon fuel tank


  • Smaller brand
  • Smaller run time

Gentron GG10020 10000 Watt Portable Generator

Another option in generators which are used for home back up power is Gentron GT10020. It is most commonly known for its use as a RV generator, in natural disasters or a blackout or emergency home power use. The Gentron GT10020 is one of the most affordable alternatives in this collection of reviews, and that is why it stands out from the rest. It features a 420cc OHV engine which puts out 15 HP of power. The Gentron GT10020 offers 10000 watts peak power and 8000 watts of rated power which is about the average in this segment. Though fitted with a standard 8-gallon fuel tank, this engine can run for about 11 hours which is impressive for its small tank of fuel. This incredible run time of the generator can help you get through a night of blackout easily and still offer some more. Owners of the Gentron GT10020 can choose from 1 120/240V AC twist lock outlet, 4 120V AC 3 spring grounded outlets, 1 240V AC twist lock outlet, and 1 12V 8.3A output for charging the battery in the case when power is required. The warranty on the Gentron GT10020 is not a strong point which can be seen from a two-year limited warranty for consumer use and just a 90-day warranty for commercial buyers.


  • 420cc OHV Engine
  • Sound Level: 78
  • Running Watts: 8,000
  • Starting Watts: 10,000
  • 8 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • 9 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 4 – 120V AC 3 Spring Grounded Outlets
  • 1 – 240V AC Twist Lock Outlet
  • 1 – 120/240V AC Twist Lock Outlet
  • 1 – 12V 8.3A Output For Charging Battery


  • 11 hour run time
  • EPA certified
  • Great for emergency use
  • Easy to transport


  • Slightly lower customer reviews.

Durostar DS10000E 10000 Watt Gas Generator

Durostar DS10000E could have been the star of this list if only one thing could be avoided which we will come to later. The Durostar DS10000E is well set in this segment of generators with comparable specifications with the higher end competitors in this comparison and its highly affordable prices. It is run with a 420cc DuroMax OHV engine which is air cooled to offer a longer run time. This engine churns out a nice 16 HP of power and produces 10000 peak watts of power as well as 8000 watts of ratted power. This power generator is more than adequate for all the work that you can throw at it and ensure that RV or home is powered in case of emergencies as well as can help you out on a job site. The caveat of this generator as mentioned before is that it only offers a measly 2 120V 20A 3 prong outlets which are barely enough for anything. Though it also offers 1 120v/240V 30 Amp twist lock outlet, 1 120V 30 Amp twist lock outlet, and 1 120V/240V 50 Amp heavy duty outlet it still might end up being short when required and hence could a be a deal breaker for most. This generator is backed by a 3 year residential warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty which is on par with all other generators in this list of comparison.


  • 420cc OHV Engine
  • Recoil Style Start
  • Running Watts: 8,000
  • Starting Watts: 10,000
  • Sound Level: 72 decibels
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • 10 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 8.3 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 2 – 120V 20A 3 Prong Outlets
  • 1 – 120V/240V 50 Amp Heavy Duty Outlet.
  • 1 – 120V 30 Amp Twist Lock Outlet
  • 1 – 120v/240V 30 Amp Twist Lock Outlet


  • Easy transport
  • Quiet operation


  • Only 2 120V 3 Prong Outlets

Is a 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator Right for You?

When you live in an area that frequently experiences power outage, our top picks of portable generators will help you in ways that you will be thankful for. And when you want to go for camper outings, these kinds of generators will help you. They are portable, meaning you can carry them with you to almost everywhere you go.

These generators will help you prepare for emergencies caused by disasters such as storm, which may cause a blackout in your area. When using these kinds of generators for your home’s electrical emergencies, you will have to manually switch them on during a power outage. There are two ways of switching them on. One is by turning on the electric start switch, or pulling a recoil starter. When faced with power outage problem, you will be glad you have a dual fuel generator.


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August 7, 2022 at 9:46 pm

Do yo make a comparison of inverter generators?
I am thinking an inverter generator will put out equal or more power and is more electronic friendly

Richard Mccarthyreply
September 18, 2022 at 8:14 am

Just bought a Honda EU2200i inverter generator for my new campervan its small lightweight quiet compact powerful and electronic gadget friendly,if expensive .

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