Could the Honda EU3000iS be the best generator on the market?

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

The environmentally friendly Honda EU3000iS may very well be more expensive than competitor models on the market today, but it does make up for it in reliability and noise reduction. In fact, the 196cc engine is far quieter than would be expected and the inverter technology on board means that you are able to charge sensitive electronic equipment such as laptop computers. For those who fancy something a little more ecologically friendly the Honda EU3000iS also features an Eco-Throttle.

When we caught wind of rumors that Honda would release the EU3000is we had several key but simple questions. How does the Honda EU3000iS stand up against its rivals? Is it value for money? Will the users get everything they are promised? And, most of all how does this new little powerhouse compare to its legendary predecessors?

Needless to say, we had extraordinarily high expectations from the Honda EU3000iS. When we say high expectations we mean that we are looking for the ultimate in portable generator technology. We are also saying that we have become accustomed to remarkably high standards from the Honda brand?

For the past two decades and then some Honda has been the brand of choice for those seeking reliable solutions for their portable generator needs. When Honda launched the EU2000i it was widely regarded as a lightweight legend in its field. The little legend was quickly followed by the introduction of the Honda EU2200i which was featured as the business giant’s most noiseless model to date. At the time of its release, the Honda EU2200i Generator was also regarded as the true definition of portability and versatility for avid campers and travelers needing power at the touch of a button.

With the launch of the EU2200i portable generator, Honda set itself apart from the competition, delivering a lightweight generator which was perfect for use on camping trips and in small RVs. Additionally, the EU2200i was rated as the best in its field for use as a backup power supply. The EU2200i required very little effort to start and would run quietly in the background while you carried on with your daily tasks.

Not simply satisfied with the functionality and versatility of the EU2200i, Honda recently released a new powerhouse to its family, the EU3000iS. With a long history of producing the best portable generator on the market, the EU3000is has big shoes to fill. Let’s see how it measures up.

Is the Honda EU3000is easy to operate?

We’ve already established that if you’re looking to go quiet you can always rely on Honda, but quiet is not the only prerequisite for those needing a reliable portable generator for recreational use. It also needs to be easy to use. The Honda EU3000iS features simple to use electric starting and easy to use choke. What this model does not have is a remote starting kit. You can install a remote starter kit, but you need to know that this installation would not be covered by the warranty and would therefore be at your own risk.

The EU3000iS is heavier than previous models and would require two people to move it. One of the optional extras you are able to install on this model is a swivel wheel kit. The easy to install wheels work well on solid surfaces but you might run into a few problems moving the EU3000iS on sandy or grass surfaces.

This model features not one but two 120V 20A power outlets as well as one 120V 30A locking plug. What you won’t find on this model is a 220V outlet. Another power feature on the EU3000iS is the 12V 12A 144W DC output which would easily charge most automotive batteries. Additionally, with the installation of a conversion kit, you will be able to use propane to run the EU3000iS. The EU3000iS can easily be connected to another EU3000iS by making use of a connection kit. What should be noted is that this model cannot be used with other EU models except the EU3000iS.

You will not get full power from the EU3000iS if you have opted to use the Eco-Throttle but you will have further noise reduction. This is ideal for the time when you are running smaller loads. When making use of the Eco-Throttle you will also drastically save on fuel costs. Oil indicators mean that you no longer have to continually check oil levels, the EU3000iS will automatically shut down if the oil levels drop to below optimal.

Verdict: The functionality of the EU3000iS has both strong pros and a few cons. It is heavier to cart around so you might want to install that swivel wheel kit. It is the most fuel economical portable generator on the market today. It will power an air conditioner for a small RV. Overall we think that EU3000iS might just be the best buy if you are looking for a 3000W generator.

How is its Power Output?

Honda generators are expertly crafted around Honda engines which are well known the world over to be reliable and efficient and the EU3000iS is no different. The EU3000iS is based on a 196cc 4-cycle Honda engine. This means that the EU3000iS can give you an average power output of 2,800W. This power output can surge to 3,000W. This surge buffer comes in very handy when you switch on larger electrical appliances.

It is recommended that you only make use of the EU3000iS maximum operational power for around 30 minutes at any one time. In Eco-Throttle mode, you can expect to get anything from 7 to 20 hours of use on a single 3.5gallon tank. This mode allows the EU3000iS engine to alternate between higher and lower speeds as power supply demands require. Having said this, the Eco-Throttle will restrict the power output to 4A or 48W. When used parallel to another EU3000iS you can expect to have access to a staggering 6,000kVA with 5.6kW of rated power. The output is 120V 23.4A.

To put it into perspective the EU3000iS can easily run an air conditioning unit for a small RV. Additionally, the Honda EU3000iS’s Eco-Throttle system means that you’ll get more bang for your buck at the gas pump along with the benefits of an extended lifespan.

Honda EU3000 Technical Specifications

EngineHonda GX200
AC Output120V 3000W max.(25A) 2800W rated (23.3A)
Receptacles20A 125V Duplex, 30A 125V Locking Plug
DC Output12V, 144W (12A)
Starting SystemRecoil, electric
Fuel Tank Capacity3.4 gal.
Run Time per Tankful7.1 hrs. @ rated load, 20 hrs. @ 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H)25.9" x 17.6" x 22.0"
Noise Level57 dB(A) @ rated load, 50 dB(A) @ 1/4 load
Dry Weight131 lbs.
Residential Warranty3 Years
Commercial Warranty3 Years

Is it easy to maintain?

Before we get into the Nitti gritty of the maintenance you need to know that it is always recommended that you make use of Honda genuine parts when conducting maintenance. Genuine parts will ensure that you increase the lifespan of your EU3000iS generator. For the best results from your generator, maintenance should be performed at regular intervals as stipulated in the owner manual. The generator can be kept clean by regularly wiping it down with a moist cloth. For the best possible results, it is advised to clean the generator when it has completely cooled down.

Included in your purchase of an EU3000iS generator is a user manual in which you will find details concerning the regular maintenance of the machine. Regular maintenance of the model includes oil change, battery charge, and filter changes. These are especially important if you are not regularly making use of your generator.

Oil change should be conducted every six months or after every 100 hours, whichever comes first. Air filter cleaning should be done at three-month intervals or after every 50 hours of use. The change of the air filter should be conducted at intervals of 12 months or every 300 hours. Additionally, the sediment cup should be cleaned after every 100 hours of use which equates to 6 months. The same would go for the spark plug checks and adjustments and cleaning of the spark arresters, 6 months or 100 hours. After every year the spark plugs should be changed.

The major cleaning and replacements which include cleaning of the combustion chamber, as well as the flue tank cleaning, should be conducted at intervals of 500 and 300 hours respectively. The fuel line for the EU3000iS should be replaced every 2 years. For minor services and checks, Honda does sell a tune up kit which contains oil, filters, and spark plus as a very reasonable price.

Overall with regular check and services, the Honda EU3000iS is relatively easy to maintain and won’t take too much time out of your schedule.

Pro Tip: Never pour water directly on or into the generator.

Does it come with a good warranty?

Everyone loves to know that the product they have bought is backed by a warranty and as far as generators go a two-year warranty seems to be the standard, but not with the EU3000iS. This portable powerhouse comes with a groundbreaking 3-year warranty for both residential and commercial use. This means that your new generator will be covered in full from top to bottom for 3 years. Your EU3000iS generator will be backed by the 3-year warranty with the only exception that you do not modify the model in any way such as the addition of a remote starter.

Is it expensive?

Short and simply put, yes. The EU300iS is more expensive when compared to other 3,000W portable generators. Having said this, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable generator. Additionally, the noise output of the EU3000iS is far less than competing models. In fact, it runs quieter than most conversations. If you’re still worried about the paying a little more for the EU3000iS you should take into consideration that when running the EU3000iS you’ll save money on fuel. So yes, while you will be paying a little more for the EU3000iS, you can rest assured that it will save you money in the long run.

EU2200 vs Honda EU3000is What is the difference?

The class-leading EU2200 was at the top of its game. That is until the release of the EU3000is. The EU2200 is run by a GXR 120 motor with a displacement of 121cc. It features an AC output of 120V or 2200W when running at maximum capacity. It also features a 20A 120V Duplex power receptacle and a 12V, 100W DC output from a recoil starting system. It runs at 62dB and measures 20″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″.

The EU3000iS, on the other hand, is run by a GX200 engine with a displacement of 196cc. The power output of this model is 120V or 3000W when running at maximum capacity. Power receptacles include 20 A 125V duplex as well as a 30A 125V locking plug. Additionally, you also have access to a 12V 144W DC output. The starting system for this model is both electric and recoil and it stands in at 25.9″ x 17.6″ x 22″. While the EU2200 is lighter and arguably more portable, you can easily attach wheels to the EU3000iS to make moving it around a little stress-free.

Run Time per Tankful7.1 hrs. @ rated load3.2 hr at rated load
20 hrs. @ 1/4 load8.1 hrs at 1/4 load
Noise Level57 dB(A) @ rated load57 dB(A) at rated load
50 dB(A) @ 1/4 load48 dB(A) at 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H)25.9" x 17.6" x 22.0"20.0" x 11.4" x 16.7"
Dry Weight131 lbs.46.5 lb.


If you are looking for the perfect inverter generator that can deliver reliable power in a clean, quiet and efficient manner then the EU3000iS is our best pick. The exclusive inverter technology produced by Honda means that you will have access to a steady power source to run even the most sensitive electronics. When running, the powerful EU3000iS is quieter than the average conversation which means that you won’t be disturbing your neighbors while camping. The Eco-Throttle ensures that you get the most out of your fuel which means your tank can last up to 20 hours depending on the load.

Where to buy the Honda EU3000iS

The price is higher than the models previously released by Honda but the EU3300iS offers users more for their money. When deciding to buy an EU3000iS always make sure that you make use of a reputable Honda partner. Failing to do this could result in warranty issues. Amazon is an accredited Honda generator dealer and in addition to buying just generator, you will also have access to genuine accessories such as covers, service kits, and wheel kits. Delivery costs can, however, vary from region to region. In addition to being an accredited dealer, Amazon also offers top-notch customer support and this means you are not likely to come short on any warranty issues. You might even find that you qualify for a discount on the EU3000iS through Amazon, but this is dependent on current special offers. Additionally, most reputable hardware and outdoor stores are also accredited dealers in Honda generators.

Main Features Summary

Superior source of reliable power

The EU3000iS can easily run a number of appliances simultaneously including a microwave and air conditioning unit. This ability alone sets the EU3000iS ahead of the competition. But, if you need further proof of the power housed in this model can easily run an air conditioner for a small RV alongside other vital equipment.

Runs quietly

When considering that previous generator models from yesteryear ran at anything from 68dB to 78dB the running sound of the EU3000iS is just 58dB. While this may not seems like a big difference let’s put a little perspective on it. 135dB is the sound of a siren at 100feet and heavy city traffic is measured at 100dB. Even a vacuum cleaner runs at 70dB and normal speech is measured at 60dB. This makes the EU3000iS even quieter than the average quiet generators, and that is truly impressive.


The EU3000iS features convenient and easy electric starting. Additionally, it also features recoil starting as an effective backup. A remote starter can also be installed but it will void your warranty so this done at your own risk entirely.

Efficiently uses fuel

The use of the Eco-Throttle on the EU3000i means that you can make your gas last far longer than previous models. Depending on the load which is being carried by your generator you could get anything from 7.5 hours to 20 hours of use from just one tank of fuel. The tank takes 3.4 gallons to fill. This great fuel efficiency means that the EU3000iS can be used overnight without any worries.

Advanced tech on board

The state of the art inverter technology integrated into the EU3000iS means that you will have access to a reliable power source even for those sensitive electronic devices such as laptop computers. Honda boasts the most stable technology in the field of inverters. The inverter tech on the EU3000iS delivers clean power similar to the power you would get when your device is plugged into an outlet at home.

Parallel possibilities

If you are looking for more power you can easily link your EU3000iS to another EU3000iS to produce a staggering 6000W of power. You should note that the capability is only limited to the EU3000iS and the model is not compatible with other models.

DC output power

You can easily charge most automotive batteries using the functional, DC outlet on the EU3000iS. This outlet has the ability to pump out 12V 144W.


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